One of the best ways to ensure your investment strategies are optimal and working for you is to get a second opinion. Just like second opinions on healthcare matters, it is important to get a second opinion for your financial health.

A second opinion has the potential to:

  • Validate your current strategies.
  • Gain another perspective on your strategies.
  • Find any innocent mistake.
  • Check for any outdated beneficiary designations.
  • Check for tax strategies and exposure to recent changes.
  • Uncover any simple paperwork errors.
  • Evaluate any fees you are subject to – hidden or not.

You’ve worked hard to create your retirement savings. Having a second opinion is prudent and not an insult to your current financial advisor.

What does a second opinion entail?

We are happy to have a conversation with you about your goals and check them against your current portfolio investments and financial allocations. You would have the opportunity to ask us any outstanding questions you may have.

How long does this take?

45 Minutes.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. We are happy to give you a second opinion with no fee.

How do we benefit?

  • Should your current financial advisor move, discontinue their business or retire – you would have a backup in the interim until you make a permanent decision – and we might be fortunate enough to be that choice.
  • You might want to recommend us to someone.
  • There is the benefit that we may have helped you in the process – and who doesn’t feel good about helping someone.
  • We base our business on interpersonal relationships and we would be honored to expand those connections to include you.

How do I schedule an appointment for a second opinion?

Call us at (415) 898-4439 or email us at We would be delighted to be of service.