Continued Market Volatility and Oil Prices Sink 4/6/20

In this week’s recap: Continued COVID-19-related volatility in the markets as oil and energy prices sink in reaction.

Volatility in the Stock Market

The bull market would have turned 11 years old this month and was the longest and largest bull market in Wall Street history. And like a number of past late stage bull markets, this one carried unusual extreme volatility.

Market Volatility and Coronavirus Concerns 3/16/20

In this week’s recap: Continuing concerns over COVID-19, aided by cuts in oil production overseas, contributed to continued market volatility.

The Federal Reserve Cuts Short-Term Interest Rates and Treasury Yields Decline 3/9/20

In this week’s recap: U.S. stocks finish higher after a wild trading week; the Federal Reserve cuts short-term interest rates; Treasury yields decline; the latest jobs report out of Washington shows no falloff for hiring.

Major Equity Indices Correct as a Result of Coronavirus Scares, and Home Sales Increase 3/2/20

In this week’s recap: Major equity indices correct as Wall Street reacts to coronavirus updates, consumer confidence indices are at high levels, and the pace of new home sales increases.

Coronavirus Unknowns, Existing Home Sales Retreat, and Price of Gold Climbs 2/24/20

In this week’s recap: Wall Street grapples with coronavirus unknowns; new Federal Reserve meeting minutes appear; existing home sales retreat; the price of gold climbs.

Inflation Hits 15 Year Peak and Stock Indexes Rise 2/18/20

In this week’s recap: stock indexes rise, Jerome Powell reports on monetary policy to Congress, inflation hits a 15-month peak, and new data on retail sales and consumer sentiment appears.

Stocks Rally, Jobs Hiring Tops Expectations, and China Schedules Tariff Cuts 2/10/20

In this week’s recap: stocks rally, China schedules tariff cuts, January hiring tops expectations, and a key gauge of manufacturing activity improves.

Coronavirus Ripples Through Global Markets as Government Makes 4th Quarter Growth Estimate 2/3/20

In this week’s recap: coronavirus concerns ripple through global stock markets; the Fed makes a slight monetary policy adjustment; consumer confidence rises; the government makes its first estimate of fourth-quarter growth.

Home Sales Increase and Investors Cautious Amid Coronavirus Outbreak 1/27/20

In this week’s recap: stock and commodity traders turn cautious as the coronavirus reaches America; home sales increase even with the current housing market’s slim inventory.

Equity Benchmarks Hit Record Highs and A New Trade Deal Signed 1/21/20

In this week’s recap: U.S. equity benchmarks hit fresh record highs; one trade deal is signed, and Congress approves another; builders break ground on more residential projects.

Stocks Rise and Oil Falls After Turbulent Week 1/13/20

In this week’s recap: Stocks end up higher and oil ends up lower after an up-and-down week, as traders react to events in the Middle East and the data in the December unemployment report.

Oil Prices Spike After Air Strike And Manufacturing Activity Index Disappoints 1/6/20

In this week’s recap: Oil prices spike after a U.S. airstrike in Iran raises supply disruption concerns; a manufacturing activity index disappoints; stocks are little changed following an abbreviated trading week.

A Recap of the Market in 2019 and Key Economic Developments 12/30/19

In this year-end recap: A look back at the ascent stocks made during 2019 and some of the key economic developments of the year.

Falling Retail Sales and Phase One of the China Trade Deal Complete 12/16/19

In this week’s recap: the U.S. and China reach a phase-one trade deal, the Fed leaves the benchmark interest rate alone, and November retail sales come in below expectations.

Turbulent Week for Stocks from Trade Delay and a Surprising Jobs Report 12/9/19

In this week’s recap: stocks ride out a choppy week, as traders react to a potential delay for a phase-one U.S.-China trade deal and a surprising jobs report.

Stock Benchmarks Rise, Confidence Declines, and Household Spending Rises 12/2/19

In this week’s recap: a shortened trading week sees additional gains for the major stock benchmarks, as optimism about a new trade pact with China outweighs doubts; household spending rises, but confidence declines.

Market Slows Amid Trade Talks and Potential Good News For The Housing Market 11/25/19

In this week’s recap: stocks move lower as traders again absorb conflicting messages about trade talks; the Federal Reserve shares its October meeting minutes; good news comes from the housing market.

The Dow Tops 28,000, Retail Sales Rise, and China Trade Talks Continue 11/18/19

In this week’s recap: the Dow crests 28,000; more hints emerge that the U.S. and China could be heading toward a new trade pact; retail sales rise.

The Dow and S&P 500 Extend Their Winning Streaks Amid Conflicting Trade Negotiations 11/11/19

In this week’s recap: the Dow and S&P 500 extend their winning streaks, even with conflicting messages emerging about U.S.-China trade negotiations; a gauge of U.S. business activity improves.

Stock Indices Set More Records And The Fed Makes It’s 3rd Cut 10/4/19

In this week’s recap: stock indices again set records, the Fed makes its third rate cut of the year, October’s employment report is a nice surprise, and U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators make some progress.

Stocks Flirt With Records and Trade Talks Continue 10/28/19

In this week’s recap: stocks flirt with record highs, China and the U.S. continue negotiations toward a trade deal, and consumer sentiment improves.

The S&P and Nasdaq outperform the dow industrials, Retail sales retreat for the first time since winter – 10/21/19

In this week’s recap: the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite outperform the Dow Industrials, earnings season gets underway, and retail sales retreat for the first time since winter.

Better Spirits Return Positive Results in the Markets and Trade Talks 10/14/19

In this week’s recap: Stocks pushed higher, the mood changed in the trade saga between U.S. and China, and quarterly earnings reports arrived.

Jobless Rate at 50 Year Low, and Nasdaq Has a Strong Rally 10/7/19

In this week’s recap: an index of manufacturing activity hits a 10-year low, the jobless rate falls to a 50-year low, and the Nasdaq Composite outperforms the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average.

S&P Down for the Week, and Chinese Investment Limits? 9/30/19

In this week’s recap: the S&P 500 loses 1% for the week after investors assess mixed economic data and hear that limits might be placed on U.S. investment in Chinese companies.

Oil Prices Spike, Interest Rates Are Cut, And Trade Talks End Early 9/23/19

In this week’s recap: oil prices spike, following drone attacks in the Middle East; the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates, and a Chinese trade delegation decides to head home early from America.

8 Day Market Winning Streak and Inflation Reaches a 13 Month High 9/16/19

In this week’s recap: the Dow logs an 8-day winning streak and Treasuries sell off as the mood brightens slightly in the U.S.-China trade dispute; yearly core inflation reaches a 13-month high.

More U.S.-China Trade Talks and New Employment/Manufacturing Data 9/9/19

In this week’s recap: the three Wall Street benchmarks advance as investors respond to newly scheduled U.S.-China trade talks and see a silver lining in the latest employment and manufacturing data.

Wall Street Ends August with a Rally 9/2/19

In this week’s recap: Wall Street finishes August with a rally, China decides to pause a potential response to oncoming U.S. tariffs, and two consumer confidence indices send different messages.

Economic Indicators Rise, Stocks Fall 8/26/19

In this week’s recap: China unveils new tariffs, the U.S. responds in kind, Jerome Powell speaks at Jackson Hole, leading economic indicators rise, and stocks fall.

Bond Market Developments Cause Volatility in Equities 8/19/19

In this week’s recap: equities are hit by considerable volatility, following developments in the bond market as well as the U.S.-China trade dispute.

China Disrupts the Market, and Stocks Retreat 8/12/19

In this week’s recap: China jolts the markets by devaluing the yuan, aggregate second-quarter earnings top analyst projections, and stocks retreat for the week.

Market Dips After Rate Cut and New Tariffs 8/5/19

In this week’s recap: stocks fall after a Federal Reserve rate cut, new tariffs are planned for Chinese goods, and payrolls see triple-digit monthly growth.

Stocks Continue to Rise, but Growth is Slowing 7/29/19

In this week’s recap: stocks dip as earnings season begins; investors wait for the July Federal Reserve meeting, while considering retail sales data and comments from Fed officials.

Market Dips as Earnings Season Begins 7/22/19

In this week’s recap: stocks dip as earnings season begins; investors wait for the July Federal Reserve meeting, while considering retail sales data and comments from Fed officials.

Some Critical As Market Continues To Rally 7/16/19

In this week’s recap: The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average close at historic peaks after bulls consider Capitol Hill testimony from Federal Reserve Chairmen Jerome Powell; tame inflation persists.

Stocks Descend After Jobs Report 7/8/19

In this week’s recap: stocks hit record peaks, then descend after the Friday release of the June jobs report; further tariffs are planned for European imports.

Strong Equities, and a Possibility of a U.S.-China Trade Pact 7/1/19

In this week’s recap: a strong month for equities ends with the renewed possibility of a U.S.-China trade pact.

Market uptick on a tweet 6/24/19

In this week’s recap: Wall Street maintains its risk-on mood, even as tensions grow between the U.S. and Iran, influenced by a White House tweet and a dovish signal from the Federal Reserve.

June Market Gains and Retail Sales Improve 6/17/19

In this week’s recap: the major Wall Street equity indices see further June gains, oil investors react to tanker attacks, and retail sales improve.

Best Blue Chips 6/10/19

In this week’s recap: the blue chips have their best week of 2019, as investors like what they hear from the head of the Federal Reserve and interpret the latest monthly employment numbers.

US Benchmarks Decline 6/3/19

In this week’s recap: U.S. benchmarks decline as trade issues remain front and center in the Wall Street conversation; major consumer confidence indices are notably high.

The stock market and the U.S. – China trade dispute lingers on 5/28/19

In this week’s recap: stocks decline as Wall Street adjusts its expectations about the potential duration of the U.S.-China trade dispute, and some retail giants post first-quarter earnings.

Stocks End Up Low 5/21/19

In this week’s recap: tariffs and U.S.- China trade tensions once again become the talk of Wall Street, and U.S. stocks end up lower, week-over-week.

Tariffs Force Stock Sell Off! 5/14/19

In this week’s recap: domestic and international stocks sell off as higher tariffs go into effect for Chinese goods coming to the U.S., while the wave of notable initial public offerings continues.

The Fed Stands Pat 5/6/19

In this week’s recap: the Federal Reserve stands pat on interest rates, key indicators show strength, and stocks end the week little changed.

Look out – earnings take center stage! 4/30/19

In this week’s recap: stocks come all the way back from their December lows, Q1 growth surpasses expectations, and earnings take center stage.

Sideways Move 4/22/19

In this week’s recap: stocks move sideways as earnings season gathers momentum, and retail sales jump.

Inflation Picks Up 4/16/19

In this week’s recap: stocks advance after earnings season gets off to an encouraging start, and consumer prices rise the most in more than a year.

Solid Jobs Growth Reported 4/9/19

In this week’s recap: stocks rise with help from a reassuring March employment report as well as news of further progress in U.S.-China trade talks.

Mortgage Rates Decline 4/1/19

In this week’s recap: stocks close out a great quarter, mortgage rates decline, and Wall Street awaits a wave of IPO action.

Inverted Yield Curve 3/26/19

In this week’s recap: the “yield curve” inverts for the first time this decade, the Federal Reserve adjusts its stance on interest rates, and the price of oil climbs.

Jet Stalls Bull 3/19/19

In this week’s recap: the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq all advance more than 2% in five trading sessions, while investors review tame inflation data and wait for further news in U.S.-China trade negotiations.

Wall Street Chugging Along Slow and Steady 3/11//19

In this week’s recap: a disappointing jobs report and a downgrade of the 2019 growth forecast for Europe give Wall Street pause.

Good News on Tariffs and the Feds Latest Remarks 3/5/19

In this week’s recap: solid gains for U.S. equities, a second shutdown avoided, and interesting developments regarding inflation and retail sales.

Home Sales Weaken 2/26/19

In this week’s recap: solid gains for U.S. equities, a second shutdown avoided, and interesting developments regarding inflation and retail sales.

A Second Shut-Down Avoided 2/19/19

In this week’s recap: solid gains for U.S. equities, a second shutdown avoided, and interesting developments regarding inflation and retail sales.

Did you hear? More volatility ahead! 2/11/19

In this week’s recap: the CPI decreases, a service sector activity index takes a fall, oil’s rebound continues, and equities advance.

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