Showing Resilience 8/9/22

In this week’s recap: Mixed week for markets; jobs on the rise.

Markets Rally 8/1/22

In this week’s recap: Markets rally; earnings better than expected.

Cracks in the Foundation 7/25/22

In this week’s recap: Markets react to dim forecast, 2Q reports.

Stocks Slide 7/18/22

In this week’s recap: Friday rally stems week of losses.

Rebound Fizzles 7/5/22

In this week’s recap: Pre-holiday markets see no rebound.

Stocks Bounce 6/27/22

In this week’s recap: Stocks rally, despite recession concerns.

Stocks Tumble 6/21/22

In this week’s recap: Fed rate hike triggers market dip.

Inside Inflation 6/13/22

In this week’s recap: Stocks dip on inflation report.

Wild Swings 6/6/22

In this week’s recap: Stocks slip on mixed economic news.

A Broad Rally 5/31/22

In this week’s recap: Confidence in Fed helps spark market rally.

Focusing on Retail 5/23/22

In this week’s recap: Recession concerns rising.

Inflation Stays Hot 5/16/22

In this week’s recap: Inflation takes center stage.

A Wild Week 5/9/22

In this week’s recap: Tighter money policy; Market drops.

Stocks Slide 5/2/22

In this week’s recap: Economy slows; Stocks retreat.

Powell in the Spotlight 4/25/22

In this week’s recap: Powell favors quick movement on rising interest rates.

An Eye on Inflation 4/18/22

In this week’s recap: Earnings season begins.

Extended Unease 4/11/22

In this week’s recap: The Fed signals more aggressive action on interest rates.

Stocks Pause 4/4/22

In this week’s recap: Markets weigh a menu of uncertainty.

Economic Resilience 3/28/22

In this week’s recap: Confidence grows in resilient economy.

Stocks Roar 3/21/22

In this week’s recap: Stocks rally in the face of a changing landscape.

Accelerating Inflation 3/14/22

In this week’s recap: Ukrainian War impacts global economy.

A New Stress 3/7/22

In this week’s recap: Ukrainian War places new stress on economy.

Invasion Implications 2/28/22

In this week’s recap: Inflation and Ukraine rattle investors another week.

An Early Economic Snapshot 2/22/22

In this week’s recap: Inflation and Ukraine rattle investors another week.

Inflation Sizzles 2/14/22

In this week’s recap: Inflation and Ukraine fears present rock and hard place to investors this week.

Earnings in Focus 2/7/22

In this week’s recap: Stocks extend last week’s rally, despite a major disappointment in the tech sector.

Market Volatility 1/31/22

In this week’s recap: Volatile week ends on rebound.

The January Retreat Continues 1/24/22

In this week’s recap: Stocks sink on rate hike talk.

Stocks Struggle 1/18/22

In this week’s recap: Volatile week as Fed speaks of multiple rate hikes.

The Tech Wreck 1/10/22

In this week’s recap: Hawkish Fed sees bonds higher and stocks retreat.

Robust Holiday Sales 1/3/22

In this week’s recap: Despite Omicron concerns, stocks end year mostly positive, with strong holiday sales figures.

From Uncertain to Unsettled 12/21/21

In this week’s recap: Fed tightens money policy.

Assessing Omicron 12/13/21

In this week’s recap: Milder Omicron news boosts stocks.

A Tumultuous Week 12/6/21

In this week’s recap: Market copes with unpleasant news; Powell surprises, Omicron concerns, and a less than stellar jobs report disappoints.

Red Friday 11/29/21

In this week’s recap: COVID-19 variant clobbers markets.

Retail Sales Jump 11/22/21

In this week’s recap: Markets react to growing COVID-19 infections and potential successor to Powell.

Hot! Hot! Hot! 11/15/21

In this week’s recap: Stocks tap the brakes after signs of higher inflation.

Stocks Power Higher 11/8/21

In this week’s recap: Tapering news, profits, and other encouraging data lifts stocks.

Keeping the Momentum 11/1/21

In this week’s recap: Earnings build while GDP slows.

Earnings Ignite Rally 10/25/21

In this week’s recap: Strong week on Wall Street, despite concerns with inflation, supply chain, and other matters

Let the Tapering Begin 10/18/21

In this week’s recap: The Fed unveils tapering plans; investor optimism rises.

A Fuzzy Picture 10/11/21

In this week’s recap: Debt ceiling raised until December; employment numbers paint confusing picture.

Market Uncertainty 10/4/21

In this week’s recap: Stalemate in the Capitol; Powell says inflation may stay longer than expected.

A Wild Week 9/27/21

In this week’s recap: Financial contagion concerns and a positive word from the Fed bookend a wild week.

Taking the Economic Pulse 9/20/21

In this week’s recap: Despite signs of a good economy, stocks have a lackluster week.

Intact Labor Market Recovery 9/13/21

In this week’s recap: Delta variant continues to concern the markets; labor market shows positive signs.

Mixed Market & Employment 9/7/21

In this week’s recap: Stocks mixed as U.S. copes with economic data and Delta variant.

Amid Crisis, Markets Push Higher 8/30/21

In this week’s recap: Federal Reserve says tapering likely in 2021, but no interest rate hikes for now.

Fed Taper Looming 8/23/21

In this week’s recap: A Fed taper may loom; economic data mixed.

Quietly Climbing 8/16/21

In this week’s recap: Passage of infrastructure bill in Senate boosts DJIA and S&P; Nasdaq stays flat.

Push and Pull 8/9/21

In this week’s recap: Despite Delta variant fears, stocks rise on strong jobs, strong earnings reports.

Stocks Take a Breather 8/2/21

In this week’s recap: Stocks open week on big highs, but end with small losses due to Delta concerns and a lower GDP.

A Sharp Reversal 7/26/21

In this week’s recap: Markets overcome reaction to latest Delta variant news.

Hot Inflation 7/19/21

In this week’s recap: Stocks retreat as inflation advances.

Turbulent Action 7/12/21

In this week’s recap: Stocks edge higher in short week.

Consumer Confidence 7/6/21

In this week’s recap: Employment reports and consumer confidence are up; stock market replies favorably.

Housing Headwinds 6/28/21

In this week’s recap: Stocks reach all-time highs and the housing market showed significant improvement.

Unsettled Markets 6/21/21

In this week’s recap: The Fed signals interest rate hikes.

Inflation Trends 6/14/21

In this week’s recap: Stocks kept cool, even as inflation came in hot.

Rotation Continues 6/7/21

In this week’s recap: Positive labor numbers lead stocks to a modest gain.

Renewed Confidence 6/1/21

In this week’s recap: Upbeat feelings boost the stock market, with America reopening ahead of Memorial Day.

Lots of Motion, Little Movement 5/24/21

In this week’s recap: Inflation concerns continue as the Fed weighs scaling back of bond purchases.

Consumer Spike 5/17/21

In this week’s recap: As consumer prices take a big step up, stocks take a step in the other direction.

Gaining Momentum 5/10/21

In this week’s recap: Mixed market results as labor numbers cope with uncertainty.

Exceeding Expectations 5/3/21

In this week’s recap: Stocks struggle to find their way amid several noteworthy earnings reports from corporations.

A Choppy Week 4/26/21

In this week’s recap: Mixed signals lead to a choppy week.

The Economic Pulse 4/19/21

In this week’s recap: Good indicators for earnings season and other economic data lead to record highs for stocks.

Technology Leads 4/12/21

In this week’s recap: Tech stocks and strong indicators lead a week of economic advancement.

An S&P Record 4/5/21

In this week’s recap: Markets react positively to infrastructure proposals; S&P 500 rises above 4,000 for the first time.

A Rocky Week with Wide Swings 3/29/21

In this week’s recap: Weakness in tech and high-growth stocks leads to a rocky week; Yellen and Powell signal optimism.

Ups and Downs 3/22/21

In this week’s recap: A week of ups and downs leaves modest losses at week’s end.

New Record Highs 3/15/21

In this week’s recap: The White House signs COVID-19 fiscal relief bill into law; the economy reacted positively.

The U.S. Dollar’s Surprising Strength 3/8/21

In this week’s recap: Stocks have a mixed reaction to rising bond yields and increasing inflation.

Rising Rates Derail Stocks 3/1/21

In this week’s recap: Rising bond yields deliver a blow to stocks; Fed Chair affirms commitment to current money policy.

A Mixed Picture 2/22/21

In this week’s recap: Accommodative Fed policies lead to inflation concerns.

Economic Expectations Rising 2/16/21

In this week’s recap: Vaccinations and declining case numbers result in economic optimism; Fed Chair says no change for now.

Back to Basics 2/8/21

In this week’s recap: The markets went back to basics this week, showing optimism for positive COVID-19 news.

Bull Takes a Breather 2/1/21

In this week’s recap: After setting new highs, market rattled by unexpected trading phenomenon.

A Streak of Optimism 1/25/21

In this week’s recap: A streak of optimism on fiscal stimulus and vaccines boosts the markets; Yellen tells Congress to “act big.”

Mixed News Elicits a Mixed Reaction 1/19/21

In this week’s recap: Mixed news elicits a mixed reaction from the markets; incoming Biden Administration outlines stimulus plan.

Fireworks to Start the New Year 1/11/21

In this week’s recap: Despite continued COVID-19 woes and unrest in Washington D.C., the stock market starts 2021 on a high.

The Unexpected IPO Boom 1/4/21

In this week’s recap: Happy New Year! Stocks hit record highs and have varied reactions on stimulus checks and another potential vaccine.

Outlook on Economy Improves 12/21/20

In this week’s recap: A rollout for a COVID-19 vaccine led to a positive reaction from the markets; stimulus talks continue.

Stimulus Stalls, Stocks Stumble 12/14/20

In this week’s recap: Rising number of COVID-19 cases and no progress on a stimulus bill lead to a bumpy week on Wall Street; U.K. anticipates “No-Deal” for Brexit.

Stocks March Higher 12/7/20

In this week’s recap: Promising signs of a fiscal stimulus package inspire an upward week for stocks; retailers’ extended “Black Friday” sales produce mixed results.

Stocks Surge, Ignited by More Vaccine News 11/30/20

In this week’s recap: Dow Jones Industrial Average hits 30,000 milestone in response to promising vaccine news and lessening political uncertainty; former Fed chair Janet Yellen nominated as Secretary of the Treasury.

Mixed Stocks Amid Investor Anxiety 11/23/20

In this week’s recap: New COVID-19 infections drive market anxieties, despite anticipated vaccines; Fed Chair Powell warns that continued infections may limit economic activity for months.

Vaccine Ignites Market Enthusiasm 11/16/20

In this week’s recap: A COVID-19 vaccine spurs a stock market rally, even as more cases are reported and some areas renew lockdowns.

Promise in a Divided Government 11/9/20

In this week’s recap: Markets react positively to the election, seeing promise in a divided government; unemployment rate falls.

Positives Despite a Difficult Week 11/2/20

In this week’s recap: With no fiscal stimulus anticipated and election around the corner, stocks slumped through a difficult week.

New Jobless Claims Fall 10/26/20

In this week’s recap: Stocks lagged after another week with no fiscal stimulus; the labor market seemed to improve despite a rise in COVID-19 cases.

A Rocky Week 10/19/20

In this week’s recap: A difficult week for stocks, reacting to delayed stimulus, little good news on COVID-19 treatment, and jobless claims.

Third-Quarter Earnings Season Begins 10/12/20

In this week’s recap: Stocks soar, despite mixed messages on fiscal stimulus.

Stocks Ebb and Flow 10/5/20

In this week’s recap: Stocks advance with hopes of a new stimulus and end the week up, despite no new deal and President Trump’s illness.

Hopes for Stimulus Suffer Setbacks 9/28/20

In this week’s recap: Stocks have a mixed reaction to ongoing uncertainty; additional fiscal stimulus on hold.

Technology Remains Under Pressure 9/21/20

In this week’s recap: The tech sector slip continues for stocks; the Federal Reserve signals that interest rates will not be increased for some time.

Stocks Resumed Their Slide 9/14/20

In this week’s recap: Stocks continued a downward slide in response to continued uncertainty; fiscal stimulus still delayed.

Gravity Reasserts Itself 9/8/20

In this week’s recap: Stocks stall late in the week, thanks to tech markets slide. The jobs recovery makes continued progress.

Stocks Advancing Relentlessly 8/31/20

In this week’s recap: Stocks power higher, while the Dow makes a few changes.

S&P 500 Sets a Record High 8/24/20

In this week’s recap: Stocks reached new highs, erasing steep losses from February and March.

Consumer Prices Jump 8/17/20

In this week’s recap: stocks rise, and consumer prices jump; COVID-19 cases slow; Congressional talks stall.

No Results in Fiscal Stimulus Talks 8/10/20

In this week’s recap: Stocks rise as earnings season winds to an end; no results in fiscal stimulus talks.

Stocks Riding A Roller Coaster 8/3/20

In this week’s recap: stocks have a mixed reaction to earnings, economic data, and a potential stimulus.

Stocks Slip After Heavier Jobless Claims 07/27/20

In this week’s recap: stocks slip after heavier jobless claims and U.S.-China strife.

Stocks See Mixed Week as COVID-19 Cases Rise 07/20/20

In this week’s recap: stocks see a mixed week, as COVID-19 cases rise, and news of vaccine emerges.

Stocks Make Gains After Volatile Week 07/13/20

In this week’s recap: stocks gain after volatile week, despite COVID-19 acceleration.

Upbeat Economic Data During Continued Covid-19 Concerns 7/6/20

In this week’s recap: despite continued COVID-19 concerns, markets react positively to upbeat economic data.

A Rise in Covid-19 Cases Causes Uncertainty in the Markets 6/29/20

In this week’s recap: a rise in COVID-19 cases inspires turbulence in markets, tapping the brakes on economic recovery.

US Economy Gains Momentum as Economic Shutdown Fears Ease 6/22/20

In this week’s recap: as fears of economic shutdown diminish, the U.S. economy gains momentum.

Markets React to Increase in Covid-19 Cases and Poor Federal Reserve Forecast 6/15/20

In this week’s recap: increase in COVID-19 cases, matched with downbeat Federal Reserve forecast, weighed on markets.

Surging Market and Jobs Report Builds Optimism for Recovery 6/8/20

In this week’s recap: U.S. jobs report and a surging market build optimism for global economic recovery.

Solid Gains From a Short Week Inspires Optimism 6/1/20

In this week’s recap: solid gains following a short trading week; economic reopening inspires optimism.

Markets Rally as Optimism for Economic Recovery Grows 5/26/20

In this week’s recap: Markets rally in reply to positive comments from Fed Chair Powell and further optimism for economic recovery.

Powell’s Somber Recovery Belief and Markets Slip in Reaction 5/18/20

In this week’s recap: Powell paints a somber picture for recovery, and the markets slip in reaction.

Stocks Climb Higher as Unemployment Reaches Historic Highs 5/12/20

In this week’s recap: unemployment reaches an historic high, while stocks climbed in response to economic re-openings.

Promising Drug Trials and Plans to Ease Lockdowns 5/4/20

In this week’s recap: Promising drug trials and plans to ease public lockdowns turn thoughts to economic normalization.

Oil Prices Plunge and First Attempts to Restart U.S. Economy 4/27/20

In this week’s recap: Markets react to the plunging oil prices, corporate earnings, and the first attempts to restart the U.S. economy.

The White House Plans to Reopen the Economy and Economic Data is Examined 4/20/20

In this week’s recap: The White House makes plans to reopen the economy, as analysts examine the first-hard economic data reckoning the U.S. reaction to COVID-19.

Broad Stock Market Rally and Promising Covid-19 Signs 4/13/20

In this week’s recap: A broad stock market rally, promising signs with COVID-19, and another Federal Reserve program ahead.

Continued Market Volatility and Oil Prices Sink 4/6/20

In this week’s recap: Continued COVID-19-related volatility in the markets as oil and energy prices sink in reaction.

Volatility in the Stock Market

The bull market would have turned 11 years old this month and was the longest and largest bull market in Wall Street history. And like a number of past late stage bull markets, this one carried unusual extreme volatility.

Market Volatility and Coronavirus Concerns 3/16/20

In this week’s recap: Continuing concerns over COVID-19, aided by cuts in oil production overseas, contributed to continued market volatility.

The Federal Reserve Cuts Short-Term Interest Rates and Treasury Yields Decline 3/9/20

In this week’s recap: U.S. stocks finish higher after a wild trading week; the Federal Reserve cuts short-term interest rates; Treasury yields decline; the latest jobs report out of Washington shows no falloff for hiring.

Major Equity Indices Correct as a Result of Coronavirus Scares, and Home Sales Increase 3/2/20

In this week’s recap: Major equity indices correct as Wall Street reacts to coronavirus updates, consumer confidence indices are at high levels, and the pace of new home sales increases.

Coronavirus Unknowns, Existing Home Sales Retreat, and Price of Gold Climbs 2/24/20

In this week’s recap: Wall Street grapples with coronavirus unknowns; new Federal Reserve meeting minutes appear; existing home sales retreat; the price of gold climbs.

Inflation Hits 15 Year Peak and Stock Indexes Rise 2/18/20

In this week’s recap: stock indexes rise, Jerome Powell reports on monetary policy to Congress, inflation hits a 15-month peak, and new data on retail sales and consumer sentiment appears.

Stocks Rally, Jobs Hiring Tops Expectations, and China Schedules Tariff Cuts 2/10/20

In this week’s recap: stocks rally, China schedules tariff cuts, January hiring tops expectations, and a key gauge of manufacturing activity improves.

Coronavirus Ripples Through Global Markets as Government Makes 4th Quarter Growth Estimate 2/3/20

In this week’s recap: coronavirus concerns ripple through global stock markets; the Fed makes a slight monetary policy adjustment; consumer confidence rises; the government makes its first estimate of fourth-quarter growth.

Home Sales Increase and Investors Cautious Amid Coronavirus Outbreak 1/27/20

In this week’s recap: stock and commodity traders turn cautious as the coronavirus reaches America; home sales increase even with the current housing market’s slim inventory.

Equity Benchmarks Hit Record Highs and A New Trade Deal Signed 1/21/20

In this week’s recap: U.S. equity benchmarks hit fresh record highs; one trade deal is signed, and Congress approves another; builders break ground on more residential projects.

Stocks Rise and Oil Falls After Turbulent Week 1/13/20

In this week’s recap: Stocks end up higher and oil ends up lower after an up-and-down week, as traders react to events in the Middle East and the data in the December unemployment report.

Oil Prices Spike After Air Strike And Manufacturing Activity Index Disappoints 1/6/20

In this week’s recap: Oil prices spike after a U.S. airstrike in Iran raises supply disruption concerns; a manufacturing activity index disappoints; stocks are little changed following an abbreviated trading week.