Have Your Affairs in Order

One of the most difficult calls that we receive at our office is when a client is looking for help to settle the details of a deceased relative's estate.

Succession Planning For the Business Owner

Every successful business owner must eventually face the question: What will happen to my business when I become disabled, retire, or die?

Financial Impact of Marriage or Divorce

While marriage or divorce produces a significant emotional impact on your life, it can also produce a significant impact on your retirement or investment plans.

5 Financial Tips for College Planning

College planning is tricky. If done incorrectly, the amount of financial aid a student could receive could be negatively impacted.

Need a Second Opinion?

One of the best ways to ensure your investment strategies are optimal and working for you is to get a second opinion.

What Should I Do with My Inheritance?

Inheriting money can be a confusing and emotional experience. You’ve lost someone close to you and now you must decide how you’re going to manage the money that you’ve never had before.

Is it Possible to Grow my Investment without Losing it?

For the past two decades, Structured Investments have creeped into the spotlight as an alternative for investors seeking certainty of return. The next to nothing returns of many traditional conservative investments have left something to be desired. Now investors are looking elsewhere: They’re looking at Structured CD’s.

Choosing the Right Financial Advisor

Getting a financial advisor is a very important decision, as they become your partner in planning and managing your finances throughout your life’s stages and changes.

Strategies for Calm During Market Turmoil

While staying calm during market downturns requires practice, don’t overreact because there is hope and your patience goes a long way. Here are some investment strategies to help you remain calm when the stock market is hitting your returns.

Health Care in Retirement: Can you Afford It?

Since health insurance doesn’t cover everything, and with the growing cost of health care, you can easily drain your retirement savings if you don’t plan for health care.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is easier than it used to be, thanks to the many tools and resources available. Here are some basic steps to get you started.

How Do You Start Saving for Retirement

You’re done with college, you’ve landed a career, and start earning. Once you do so, it’s never too early to start saving and imagine an enjoyable and assured retirement. Realizing this is easier when you plan your finances.